Doki Cam — High Definition Extreme Sports 360° Camera

  • $119.00

Capture Stunning 360° Images and Videos

Featuring two 200° fish eye lens DokiCam will capture everything in sight. Compared to standard action cams, DokiCam has a much wider frame of view, which means you never miss out on the action. 

360° Camera for Everywhere

DokiCam can be head-mounted, hand-held or standalone etc. Various attachment methods make DokiCam adaptable for a diverse array of activities, while maintaining shot stability.


Dual Access Controls

Easy to use and perfect for extreme sports, simply shoot or record with the press of the shutter button. Or, use the DokiCam app to control the camera remotely. 


Use Easily While Mounted

Easily find and control the camera with the shooting button without taking the camera off your head. Just focus on capturing what matters and leave the rest to DokiCam.

Real-Time Preview with Five Viewing Modes

Save your 360° memories in unusual and interesting ways with the Fisheye mode, 360° Panorama mode, Tiny Planet mode, Hemisphere mode and VR mode.


Easy Setting & Editing w/ Native Mobile & PC Apps

Apps for iOS, Android, and players for macOS and Windows. You can adjust camera settings such as the lighting and brightness. You can also create stunning edits on your phone or computer and upload straight to social media from the app. 


Shoot, Edit & Share

Share your 360° images and videos with one clicking sharing on the DokiCam app. Never miss an opportunity to show off your 360° creations.